OSEA Malibu is Here!

OSEA Malibu is Here!

It’s rare for me to develop an immediate obsession with a product line. For those who know me well, you know I can be cautious and guarded when it comes to connecting my name to a particular product or line of products–especially when it comes to skincare and wellness. Quite simply, I’m only willing to endorse something if I know it works and delivers on the promises that the company and product makes.

On that note, I couldn’t be happier to share my latest tested-and-true find: OSEA Malibu! I’ve been using lots of their products for years and am so happy I can also offer to my Beauties.

The OSEA Malibu line offers clean, vegan skincare that is powered by the sea. Yes, I could rave on for hours about the quality and efficacy of their products, but perhaps more impressive is their commitment to doing business with extreme care for the world we live in. OSEA is an acronym for Ocean, Sun, Earth and Atmosphere. I encourage you to take a look at their website to learn how they incorporate these natural elements of wellness and a promise that every decision and product is made with consideration of their impact on our planet and collective well being.

Now for a few of my faves . . .

OSEA Vagus Nerve Oil

This product melt away signs of stress and helps promote a sense of well-being and serenity. This soothing blend of essential oils calms my mind for a moment of relaxation and balance during my busy work day. I often use it on my patients to help reduce stress while injecting. I carry one with me in my bag, have one in the car, in clinic and next to my bed. Obsessed? Yep!

OSEA White Algae Mask

I love this mask! It transforms my skin with a marine-infused illuminator and brightens and nourishes along the way. This product has mineral peptides that make my skin feel plump and hyaluronic acid to draw in water for lasting hydration. After using this mask, I always feel like I just left the spa!

OSEA Bestsellers Mini Collection

As mentioned, one of the reasons I love this mini collection so much is the shear convenience of it all! These travel-size products pack a lot of punch, are perfect for your next getaway, and give you the opportunity to try 6 products without the commitment of a larger size. Try this limited-edition six-piece set of face and body best-sellers for healthy, glowing skin from head-to-toe.

Ocean Cleanser (0.6 oz): Gently sweeps away surface impurities and excess oils for clear, radiant skin.

Hyaluronic Sea Serum (0.17 oz): Hydrating serum clinically proven to smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Seabiotic® Water Cream (0.24 oz): Lightweight moisturizer, clinically proven to hydrate skin for 72+ hours

Undaria Algae Body Butter (0.5 oz): is an age-defying body butter that deeply nourishes and firms skin.

Undaria Algae Body Oil (1 oz): Clinically proven, seaweed-infused body oil instantly improves the look of skin elasticity and delivers deep moisturization.

Anti-Aging Body Balm (1 oz): Super nourishing formula that improves the look of skin elasticity and suppleness.

Try one, try all

All of the OSEA Malibu products are made with high-quality, sustainable, vegan ingredients. They are also affordably priced and effective on all skin types. I’m confident you will love this line as much as I do.

Enjoy, my Beauties!




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