Krissy's Best Self-Care Summer Tips

Krissy's Best Self-Care Summer Tips

Tip #1: Gua Sha

I love using a massaging Gua Sha tool all over my face after applying my Anfisa Lilou balm. Never tired it? Just use the tool to work from the middle to the outer parts of your face, gliding in a downward motion along the sides of your neck. This motion stimulates lymphatic drainage, reduces muscle tension, and helps me relax.

Tip #2: Dry Brushing

Dry brushing feels amazing! It’s a great way to exfoliate prior to my shower or bath. I start by massaging my arms and legs with movement toward my heart. This motion helps stimulate lymphatic drainage, increase circulation, and increases skincare product absorption.

Tip #3: Taking a Relaxing Bath

Taking a relaxing bath. My favorite bath essentials: Epsom Salt, Essential Oils, Bath Bombs, Diced Ginger Root, Honey Hair Mask by R&CO, Lumispa, Skinbetter Science Scrubs, and OSEA Malibu.

Tip #4: Luxury Lip Balm

Nothing is worse than dehydrated lips. I literally can’t focus on anything else if my lips are feeling dry and tender. Over the years, I’ve learned to keep a few tubes of luxury lip balm on hand wherever I go.

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